Useful info from re getting Cookie Consent right on your website:

‘Practical recommendations to ensure compliance include:
  1.  Only cookies that are strictly necessary for the functionality of the website can be placed before the user’s affirmative action.
  2. Analytics cookies, advertising cookies and social media cookies can only be placed after the user has provided their valid consent.
  3. All websites using cookies must include a cookie banner and a Cookies Policy.
  4. Cookie banners must include a brief but meaningful description of the purposes for placing and using cookies.
  5. Cookie banners must provide a choice to accept or reject non-strictly necessary cookies.
  6. Websites must include functionality to allow users to easily withdraw their consent.
  7. Assuming the user’s acceptance and relying on the use of a website as a form of consent must be avoided.
  8. The use of pre-ticked consent boxes must also be avoided.
  9. The technical functionality employed to collect consent must demonstrate that consent was given’.