TikTok, WhatsApp and Snapchat are relatively untapped social media marketing platforms that have been gaining presence in the marketplace. They present a great opportunity for advertisers for marketing campaigns as there is less competition.

However, before you embark on a marketing campaign, you will need to understand your target audience to ensure these platforms help you reach your objectives.

I have summarised the main points of each below:

WhatsApp Icon


  • More than 60 billion messages sent through WhatsApp every day
  • 3rd largest social networking platform in the world
  • Key way to communicate directly with your customers offering live feedback and support and updating them on the latest offers and product news
  • Younger customers are increasingly engaging with businesses via Chat and have expressed that they would be more likely to shop with a business that they can message directly
WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business

  • WhatsApp Business is a free professional version of the app, allowing businesses to use a separate WhatsApp profile for business communication
  • More suited to smaller companies as you can only message up to 250 contacts
  • Broadcast lists can be used to send alerts to anyone who has your number saved in their phone’s address book. Users see the message appear as normal but, unlike groups, they cannot see who else has received the message. If they reply, this won’t be sent to anyone else in the broadcast list
  • WhatsApp advertising has begun to roll out advertising via Facebook Advertising Manager offering advertising in the ‘Status’ area and in the Facebook Feed, which drives users to a WhatsApp Chat with a brand
Tik Tok


  • TikTok is a video sharing app that allows users to create and share videos on any topic
  • Offers users a variety of sounds, stickers, filters, song snippets, augmented reality effects
  • Users can create a variety of video challenges such as dance videos, funny videos, magic tricks and more
  • Hugely popular with 13 to 18 year olds – creating a new generation of influencers
  • Brands are experimenting with how they can use the platform to reach younger audiences
Snapchat icon


  • Snapchat is a multi-media messaging app that can be used by marketers for effective short-term story telling and showcasing products via its vertical video format
  • Hugely popular with younger audiences (90% of 13-24 year olds in USA use Snapchat)
  • Memories can be accessed via snaps, stories and camera roll
  • Discover Channels provide brands with the ability to serve ads and collaborate with publishers like Daily Mail, BuzzFeed, The Wall Street Journal
  • Makes use of AR (augmented reality), customisations, facial lenses, geo-filters drawing tools, bitmojis
  • Offers advertising across its platform with sponsored Snap Ads, Story Ads and Geofilters purchased directly through self-serve Snapchat advertising manager on a CPC (cost per click) or CPI (cost per impression) basis
  • Snapchat also offers branded AR filters called ‘sponsored lenses’ at greater cost, which can be purchased directly with Snapchat

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