Out with Universal Analytics, in with Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4, otherwise known as GA4, will be taking over from the current Universal Analytics (UA) in July 2023.

GA4 has been built to measure website and mobile app interactions, known as ‘events’.

Examples of an ‘event’ within GA4 are actions taken by users such as downloading content, watching a video and looking at a specific website page. GA4 will be tracking many of these events automatically, without you having to have specific coding on your website as happens now.

GA4  uses machine learning modelling to provide data as opposed to the current cookies on a website that the current Universal Analytics relies on. However, it is anticipated that with the machine learning abilities of GA4 and using traffic, event and user modelling, marketers will not need to use cookies. At the moment, GA4 uses cookies to track those visits from users who ‘opt-in’ to cookie tracking on their browser and device.  When cookies are no longer in use, these visits will be part of the basis for the traffic models.

Action to take now

At the current time, Google are recommending to create a GA4 property and add it to your website. This will then track data in both GA4 and Universal Analytics.

It is advised to continue using and reporting on your current Universal Analytics until GA4 is properly rolled out.

At the current time, GA4 is still undergoing teething problems i.e. the support isn’t available on platforms such as ecommerce, Squarespace and Shopify and many reports currently available in Universal Analytics are not available in GA4).

For further information on Google Analytics 4, contact Format.ie on 071 9131991 or email info@format.ie