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Web Design is a web design company designing & building responsive websites & mobile application development which meets the needs of our clients and their customers. Our sites and apps are designed and built to web standards which helps ensure they are attractive, useable and future proof. See our website portfolio.


Using digital technology (mobiles, computers, digital billboards, social media and digital marketing software), we create and deliver marketing campaigns on digital platforms. Read more on digital technology.


We have tried and tested tricks and tools-of-the trade to get your website visible when implementing search engine optimisation (SEO). Tiny adjustments to your website can make all the difference to your search engine ranking.
Read our essential website optimisation checklist.

Business Mentoring Web Development Sligo is one of Sligo Local Enterprise Board mentors who help small business owners/managers. We bring our knowledge, skills, advice and guidance to the field of web design and development. Read more on training & mentoring.

Branding & Logos will design your logo and work closely with you to identify how your brand is perceived in the market, ensuring that the look and feel of your website maintains the brand’s identity.  View our logos.

Mobile App Development

As people use their mobile devices more and more, responsiveness and speed is essential in today’s marketplace to get ahead of your competitors.  Contact Format to discuss how a mobile app may benefit your business.  Read our mobile app case study.

Web Hosting

Our web design package includes FREE hosting in the first year.  Please contact us regarding this offer.

Training & Mentoring web designers Sligo has been delivering mentoring services to individuals and small businesses for over 6 years on behalf of Sligo Enterprise Board. Read more on our training & mentoring.

SSL Certificate

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a digital certificate that is used to establish a secure connection between a web server and a web browser. Read more on SSL Certificate here.

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