Digital Marketing

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What Is Digital Marketing?

‘Digital marketing is the use of new media or digital technology to achieve marketing and business goals’.

So this includes everything from mobiles, computers, digital billboards, social media and digital marketing software that marketers can then use to create and deliver a marketing campaign on digital platforms.

Outbound Marketing

This involves pushing out a message.  The marketer will push out a message to a specific target audience in order to drive awareness of a product or service.

For example, display banner, video formats used regularly to ensure people remember the product. Also known as ‘drive product recall’ – those ads that continuously drive the message to you.

Typical of traditional marketing but also digital marketing.


Inbound Marketing

This is when you’re pulling the audience towards your content, brand or service. You are enticing consumers already interested in your product or service so that they go and find you and engage.

People are likely to find you through mediums such as blogs, search engines, word of mouth, email subscriptions and online reviews. As marketers, we are always attempting to draw people to our brand/company via our content in order to turn them into customers. It is about ‘user intent’ which refers to the audience’s internal drive to seek out your product or service.

It is all about encouraging audience action through drawing your audience to your content and is typical of digital marketing.

Inbound marketing concept on notepad

Media Channels

Owned Media

Owned media is the media that you create yourself and manage.

Paid Media

Paid media is media or advertising that you have paid for to drive banner and video ads, clicks and traffic to your product, service or website. You can use reporting tools such as Google Analytics to analyse your campaigns to determine how your audience is engaging and then using this can enable you to tweak and optimised your paid media performance.  With paid media, you can decide who to show it to, those people that you think will find it relevant and engage so you have the control over when, what and where it is seen.

Outbound Paid Media: useful for building awareness through audience reach, ad repetition and defined audience targeting.

Inbound Paid Media: great for driving sales and conversions.

Earned Media

This is the one we love to receive!  It’s when consumers, PR, influencers talk about and share our content through shares, reviews, mentions and reposts. It’s free PR in essence and these people are our brand advocates. It establishes a level of trust.  Just a note of caution, as content can go viral, it can be difficult to control the direction your earned media may take.

The above media can all work together to ensure a successful digital marketing campaign. For example, if I pay for a Facebook marketing campaign promoting a page from my website and then someone sees that page and talks about it to someone else, this is the three types of media working together beautifully.

Marketing Team celebrating success