Trading Online Vouchers (TOVs) / Grants For Websites, Digital Marketing, Professional Photography, Logos and more!

Background to Website Funding/TOVs

The Trading Online Voucher Scheme (TOV scheme) was introduced several years ago by the government via the Local Enterprise Office to incentivise businesses to sell their products online via an online website shop.

The TOV scheme really took off for e-commerce websites at the start of Covid in 2020 when businesses were forced to shut their shop doors and the only way to sell was by having an e-commerce website to sell their products online.

Trading Online Vouchers 2023

Trading Online Vouchers can be used for any of the following and if you have already used one voucher, you are now allowed a second too!  Vouchers can be used for the following:

    Tablet showing Online Shopping using the TOV scheme
    • Upgrade or development of an e-commerce website
    • IT consultation
    • Internet related software
    • Implementation of online payments or booking systems
    • Development of an App or Multi-Platform Webpages
    • Development and implementation of a Digital Marketing Strategy
    • Training skills to develop an online trading activity
    • Subscriptions to low cost online retail platform solutions in order to allow for a retailing presence online
    • Purchase of online advertising (i.e. Facebook Ads, Google Ads etc). This cannot be more than 30% of all other approved Voucher costs and can only be drawn down in one payment phase
    • Purchase of professional photography (this cannot be more than 80% of all other approved Voucher costs and can only be drawn down in one payment phase

    How Much Is The Trading Online Voucher For?

    The vouchers are for 50% (excluding VAT) up to a maximum amount of €2,500. This represents a significant grant to get your online shop and website up and running. Why not use some of the grant for professional photography, social media and digital marketing to kick-start your business?!
    If you have already been in receipt of one voucher, you can now apply for a second one!

    Criteria For Vouchers

    • Businesses must apply to their Local Enterprise Office for an application form and be approved
    • A business must have 10 or less employees
    • A business must have a turnover less than €2m
    • A business must be trading for at least 6 months
    • All ‘third party’/supplier invoices must contain comprehensive business details including tax and business registration information
    • Businesses must have had a limited online trading presence
    • Businessess must be based in the area covered by the scheme
    • Charities, ‘not-for-profit’,commercial semi-state companies, trade associations and bodies such as Chamber of Commerce are not eligible
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    How To Apply For  Website Grants/Trading Online Vouchers (TOVs)

    Simply give us a call and we can talk you through the process and help you with the TOV application and completion forms.