Case Studies of Websites & Mobile Apps

Format web developers have helped all types of businesses realise their potential and increase the amount of visitors to their site, increase their sales online and build a positive experience of their brand, be it through a website or a mobile app.

1. Mobile App Case Study – McGowan Landscapes

A mobile application was successfully deployed for McGowan Landscapes, a landscaping company in Sligo owned by Roger McGowan, Company Director. The primary objective was to provide a comprehensive landscaping solution that could be utilised on-site to facilitate seamless project management for their clientele. The client sought an application that would enable the systematic tracking and reporting of landscaping and gardening tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis.

Considering the multifaceted nature of McGowan Landscapes’ operations, it was imperative to incorporate features that catered to their diverse client portfolio, spanning various locations within the North West of Ireland.

The collaborative process involved in-depth discussions with Roger McGowan to ascertain his precise requirements, understand the potential benefits for their clients, define usage scenarios, and devise a practical roadmap for transforming the concept into a functional mobile application.

Subsequently, the resultant mobile app was successfully integrated into the daily workflow of McGowan Landscapes’ workforce, allowing them to streamline their landscaping activities across different client sites. Notably, the app was further enhanced to support data retrieval at the end of each year, facilitating the automated generation of comprehensive spreadsheets for their clients.

Today, this mobile app has become an indispensable tool for McGowan Landscapes, empowering their team to efficiently manage landscaping projects and deliver a high level of service to their diverse clientele. It exemplifies a successful collaboration between the client and our development team, resulting in a tailored mobile solution that enhances productivity and client satisfaction.


McGowan Landscapes Mobile App
mcgowan landscapes screenshot of website

2. Website Case Studies

Case Study 1:
Callan Tansey Solicitors LLP

Callan Tansey home page of website

Case Study 2:

SARAN home page