Designing and building a website these days is not just about having a visual website presence.  Today’s business owners should be asking, “how should I invest in mobile?” This will make or break a business in 2017/2018.

53% of people will leave a mobile website if they get a bad experience. Websites today need to be adjusted for the customer on their mobile and made responsive. Your website designer should work with you in deciding which information provided by a website on a PC is not needed by customers quickly scanning for information on a mobile phone.

As technologies and social media applications increase by the minute, web designers today need to address a growing search engine optimisation (SEO) checklist in order for your search engine rankings to be effective.

A taster of just some of these is listed below:


  1. Your Social Media Presence
    Which social media tools are relevant for your business? Not all of them will be relevant but keep your eye on what your competitiors are doing.
    Take a look at Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +
  2. Google Presence
    Do you have a Google Business account, are you on Google Maps, are you using Google +?
  3. Business Listings
    There are many free business listings available for your business to get listed on as well as business listings for your local area
  4. Website Content
    Have you made sure all the keywords and phrases your potential customers might key into Google/Search Engines are included in your website?  If not, you’re unlikely to be found.
  5. Website Mark Up
    Has your website been coded correctly?  Has your website been given headings, alt tags, etc?