As we are all at home due to the Covid-19 ‘stay at home’ restrictions, you’ve probably noticed that your internet speed is even slower than usual as the whole family puts a strain on the demand.

Here are a few tips that may help speed it up:

Centre Your Router

Put your router in a central location as if it has to go through a wall or a door, it will weaken the signal. Other devices that interfere with router signals include baby monitors, dimmer switches, stereos, computer speakers, TVs and monitors, cordless phones.

Check Your Connection

We use a free tool, which checks our network for speed (under 3 mb per sec). If it’s running slower than usual, contact your network provider i.e. Eircom. Fastcom, Imagine, Virgin, Vodafone etc.

Update Your Router

Routers need software updates (firmware). These include performance updates and key security. If your router is over 4 years old, it may well need replacing (somewhere like PC World would do this). We also have tiny routers scattered around our house/office which help boost the connection.


If nothing seems to be working, ‘reboot’! This involves turning everything off including wireless router and modem cable, checking all the wires, the antenna on the router that sits upright or screwed in correctly. If it still isn’t working, then call your network provider who can connect to your device remotely.

Making Phone Calls

If everyone is making calls or on the Wi-Fi on their mobiles, you might try making your own call via the landline. If you must make a call via your mobile, try arranging calls not on the hour or half hour when everyone else is doing that.

Streaming Content

Avoid streaming unnecessary content such as radio stations and music. Go back to the traditional radio! The more devices connected to the internet, the lower the speed you will get.  Switch off tablets and smartphones’ Wi-Fi to ‘off’ when you are not using them as they often work in the background.