Here are some website trends and designs to look out for in 2019:

  1. Black & White Web Design

Black and white designs can give a striking visual effect. Add a hint of colour and it will make a bold statement.

2. Glitch Art

Glitch Art can be used by making deliberate errors for a visual effect. This can give a psychedelic look.

3. Interactivity, Sound, Animation

Too much animation can ruin a site but used correctly animation can impress and be striking. Add to this sounds and interactivity can draw in your audience.

4. Bold Serifs & Titles Used for Call Outs

Using bold serifs (a small link attached to the end of a large stroke in a letter or symbol) can be used for emphasis.

For example, Format Web Design

5. Chatbots

Currently being used in many services web sites, also hotel bookings. Communicating via bots/chatbots will continue to be popular as they often eliminate the need for a customer to use the telephone and be in a queue waiting system.

6. Natural Rounded Shapes
More use of organic, natural rounded shapes like hills and free drawn elements can give the illusion of movement when used within a website.

For example:

7. Socially Conscious & Diverse Imagery
Can have both visual and dramatic effect

For example:

8. Minimilisation

Spaced out web pages, big bold writing, fade effects and effective use of typography.  Little content can be great for the look although a pet hate of mine when it comes to search engine optimisation. ‘Less is more’ does not work for SEO!

9. Video Content

As Google moved the display of video content above standard pages in the search results, this led to a rise in video content within web pages juggling for new positions.  Websites will continue to use video content to interact with their customers. Videos can also be used for backgrounds in websites.

10. Mobile Phone Thumb Navigation

Research indicates that we are scrolling with our thumb when using our mobile phones. With this in mind, the menu lines/burger lines & call to actions may move to the bottom of the mobile scree

11. Website Speed

Website Speed & Mobile Speed will continue to play a major factor with size of images and video content being such an important part of a website but needing to be compressed so that the web and mobile speed is not hindered.